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You Are The Problem With Your Business

A great way to screw up your company is to get into the habit of blaming your suppliers, the market, your staff or your product for your… Source: You Are The Problem With Your Business. – The Startup – Medium Photo by Viktor Juric on Unsplash

Take the plunge: 5 questions to ask before quitting your job to start a company

Many people fantasize about quitting their office jobs to start their own venture. Whether they have a side hustle that they think they can monetize, or daydream about writing proposals in pajamas, entrepreneurship can seem like a compelling alternative to working in a cubicle. However, given that 50% of businesses fail in the first five […]

Product Launch Marketing Strategy Tips and Tricks

So how exactly do you handle a launch and get people as excited about your new product as you are? There are some aspects you need to keep in mind, but don’t worry – it’s not rocket science! Let’s break down the various parts that come together to form a successful product launch marketing strategy. […]

Your Go-To Small Business Marketing Guide for 2019

From email and social media campaigns to pricing, branding, and strategy, it can be a challenge for many small business owners to excel at marketing while also focusing on growing their business. That’s where we hope to help! That’s why we teamed up with Mailchimp, Square, and WooCommerce to bring you a brand-new small business […]

Got an Awesome New Business Idea? Here’s What to Do Next.

If you’re stuck in the brainstorming stage, the first step is to focus on two questions: ‘Why?’ and ‘Who?’ Do you constantly have great business ideas which fall to the wayside because you just don’t know how to turn those daydreams into reality? If you’re stuck in the brainstorming stage, that’s probably because you don’t know […]

The Rise Of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur

“What kind of life do I want?” Increasingly, this is the question on people’s minds, replacing “What kind of job do I want?” I often hear this from new entrepreneurs building e-commerce businesses, leveraging technology to shed traditional barriers to entry. The term “lifestyle entrepreneurship” was pioneered by a high-flying, highly visible group of savvy […]

How to Not Lose Track of Productivity During Hectic Holiday Weeks

Whenever there’s a holiday, no matter where it falls during the year and the work week, you know one thing’s for sure: Productivity is going to drop. But what if it didn’t have to? The struggle is real. During December alone, studies show that more than two-thirds of workers report being less productive compared to […]

Here’s why part time and work from home jobs are the new normal

There are a growing number of individuals, from various stages of life, who specifically want and value part-time and work from home jobs as they raise children, take care of an ailing parent, volunteer or simply desire to scale back as they get closer to retirement.They are experienced and confident and typically value flexibility more […]

Here’s The Formula For Success

Success is not an accident. It happens for a reason, because of the things put into it. It is the result of a consistent, deliberate process.And it’s nothing new. Source: Here’s The Formula For Success – The Ascent Photo by Roman Mager on Unsplash

Entrepreneurship Boosts Psychological Well-Being

Entrepreneurship appears to promote well-being better than other kinds of work by fulfilling basic human psychological needs, largely because of the autonomy involved in starting and running a venture, a study found. Source: Entrepreneurship Boosts Well-Being By Meeting Key Psychological Needs – Study Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Five Healthy Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

The quality of your life determines how balanced you are. Many of us have trouble keeping health and business goals in line. Entrepreneurs often make big lifestyle changes that not only affect their productivity but also damage their overall health. In order to achieve a goal, sacrificing other goals is not a wise strategy. Being […]

The Hard Truth You Need to Know Before Becoming an Online Entrepreneur

Like every other person who stumbled into online entrepreneurship, I also fell for the surreal promises of working from a beach and traveling to a different city every other day. You know the drill. There are tons and tons of people selling courses that are supposed to make you rich in a month with some […]