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Insight Selling Is The New Solution Selling

Photo by Rafaela Biazi on Unsplash In 2012, Harvard Business Review published a bold article entitled “The End of Solution Sales”. It declared that solution selling had become obsolete. The verdict was, in large part, founded on the argument that B2B buyers are coming to the table more prepared and better educated than ever before. In many cases, […]

Sales Enablement Tools Are the Keys to Making More Money

Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash Sales Enablement Tools. Technology has made it easier than ever to optimize the performance of your sales team to drive revenues faster. Over the last several years, many technologies have been developed to help accelerate and automate the sales and marketing functions. First, it was upper funnel tools that help drive customer awareness […]

How to Get Your First 100 Sales on Amazon

Learn the best and most cost effective way to start selling on Amazon. Amazon ships an average of 1.6 million packages per day. Yes, per day. According to CNBC, about 55 percent of people start their online shopping searches on Amazon. This means that if you have something to sell and you’re selling online, if you don’t […]

The 1 Essential Person Who’s Missing From Your Company

Photo by Andrea Natali on Unsplash Late last year, I made my best business decision yet. I hired a sales coach. One morning after my workout I was sipping my cup of Earl Grey, reading an online story about Rachel Sheerin, owner of She Sells. I liked that she focuses on helping women in creative fields. I emailed her immediately. We met. We clicked. […]

How to Leverage the 2-by-2 Rule to Close Your Next Sales Call

We’re big proponents of the two-by-two rule at my company. Simply put, the two-by-two rule means finding two pieces of information about a company to leverage in a sales call in two minutes or less. It’s an efficient way to prepare for an effective call. Source: How to Leverage the 2-by-2 Rule to Close Your […]

Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your 2018 Online Sales Strategy

In 2017, data illuminated some interesting habits of the modern shopper–and one of the common findings is that online shopping (and mobile shopping, for that matter) is here to stay. In fact, some findings show that 51 percent of Americans now prefer to shop online, while more than 80 percent have made an online purchase within the past month. But that’s […]

1 Insight That Can Help Your Business Generate More Sales

Michael Maven writes about how attending a funeral revealed a key skill that businesses often never focus on, and how to achieve it. You see, part of the art of building value bridges is having a deep understanding of your customer. In fact, in order to understand your customers properly you need to actually feel the pain that […]

How I’ve Attracted The First 500 Paid Users

Hello, it’s Takuya here. This is a story about my experience on my solo product called Inkdrop — a Markdown note-taking app with built-in cloud sync. It is a SaaS that earns $3,200 per month from 600 customers now, with pricing $4.99/mo or $49.9/yr. Thanks to its profit, I have had no freelance works this year. Cool. […]

Why Doing Product Demos Might Be Bad For Business

Many salespeople believe the orders will start pouring in if they can just get a prospect to agree to a product demonstration. That’s simply not the case. Years ago, I owned a company that was a reseller for a software product. We consistently ranked among the top resellers for this particular software company which, not […]

How This Upstart Ice Cream Company Began Outselling Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen-Dazs

Halo Top Creamery exploded off the shelves when a GQ writer ate nothing but ice cream for 10 days. In 2011, when Justin Woolverton began experimenting with a dessert of frozen Greek yogurt blended with fruit, he wasn’t trying to start a business–much less one that would draw in revenue of $49 million in 2016, […]

Breaking Out of A SALES SLUMP

Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash Sales Slump. Life is about selling yourself.. so if you are not on a sales team.. remember.. you are always going to have to sell yourself in life… It could be for a tryout, a job interview, a raise, a higher position in the Company, or landing a new deal… and, to […]

How Entrepreneurs Can Use Events as a Lead Generator

Research shows that 75 percent of B2B marketers believe that in-person events are the most effective lead generation strategy, above even blogging and social media. That doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Real-life experiences are simply more engaging and memorable than anything else. So, if event marketing isn’t already in your marketing toolbox to drive business […]