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Why Athletes Win In Sales

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash With greater insight into why athletes win in sales, entrepreneurs and executives have two good options when considering the next hire for their sales team: Find a former ballplayer or bring on someone less athletically-accomplished but who possesses the same qualities found in winners on and off the field. Source: Why Athletes Win […]

The Best Business Advice I Ever Got, in One Short Sentence

Get out of the building. I always tell people about Steve Blank’s philosophy to “get out of the building.” You have to be in the shoes of your customers, interact with them, have first hand experience of their pain. You can’t just make decisions from within your office, you need to be a part of […]

One Trick That Will Help You Crush Your Sales Quota

Photo by Lloyd Dirks on Unsplash There is constant pressure and daily rejection, and there are a lot of skills needed in order to be successful. One of the most important, and difficult to master, is time management. With so much to do, it’s often difficult to find time during the day to finish your to-do list. If […]

Want to scale your startup globally? Read this

Photo by Andrew Butler on Unsplash Through my experiences at Rocket Internet and Stuart, I took part to scaling startups globally from one location to 25+ (Rocket’s appetite for growth :)). I decided to gather my thoughts on how to scale startups globally the right way, based on the successes and failures I experienced on this topic. Don’t go […]

How I Learned to Successfully Steal Clients From Much Larger Competitors

Competing against a company with infinitely more resources than you doesn’t have to be a losing battle. During the American Revolutionary War, line fighting was the standard method of combat. Soldiers would line up and fire upon each other, continuing line after line. The American colonists knew Britain’s army was much larger and that fighting the same […]

3 Ways to Use Emotional Storytelling in Your Next Sales Presentation

Take your presentations to the next level with the three key factors in effective storytelling as a sales strategy. Stories, in the form of case studies, are vital in making your presentation interesting and personal; they also allow you to have tremendous momentum in connecting with your audience. Keeping an audience’s attention is one thing, […]

16 Highly Effective Strategies for Closing a Sale, Revealed by 16 Top Salespeople

Finding the right way to close a sale is what separates sales hunters from sales gatherers. Here are some great closing techniques you can start using today. Gathering sales leads is tough. Getting in the door. Getting in front of decision makers is tough. But closing the sale? That’s what separates good salespeople from great salespeople. The following […]

Why Integrity Matters in Sales

Sales is as exciting as it is dangerous. You negotiate the deals, bring in the revenue, and own the relationship. The phrase “Eight is Great” was a mantra for Wells Fargo from the CEO on down. The targets were daunting. Every customer was to have eight bank products. Wall Street and shareholders were transfixed and came to […]

4 Tips on Hacking High Velocity Sales

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash It’s no secret that the main challenge for any high velocity sales process is to overcome the lack of face-to-face engagements. When most customer journeys take place digitally, companies are left with fast engagement opportunities and minimal room for error. Because an error in the online world is harder to fix than […]

How to Grow Your Business Using the Rule of 3 and 10

Hiroshi Mikitani is the CEO of Rakuten. If you’re not familiar with Rakuten, it’s like a Japanese Amazon carrying items from all over Asia. They earned $7.2 billion dollars in revenue in 2016. Part of Rakuten’s success comes from a business rule that Mikitani discovered called the Rule of three and 10. Source: How to […]

Five Tips For Managing Hyper-Growth That Every Startup Needs

The holy grail of achievement for most startups is hyper-growth. However, if not managed correctly, hyper-growth can become a curse rather than a blessing. Source: Five Tips For Managing Hyper-Growth That Every Startup Needs | Forbes.com

Founders First Rule Sell

Photo by Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦 on Unsplash Founder’s first rule: sell. It might come as a surprise to you — especially in today’s build-centric startup world — that being able to create, is in fact, not the marquee quality of a great entrepreneur. Before you go reaching for your pitchforks and torches to burn me at the stake, keep an open mind […]