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What’s the Best Marketing Funnel?

4 min read Far too many of you are wasting your valuable time and money on convoluted marketing funnels when you should be focusing on the fundamentals. Ben Settle calls this, “Principles vs. Tactics”. Ramit Sethi calls it, “Marketing Tactical Hell.” Source: What’s the Best Marketing Funnel? – Startup Grind – Medium

5 Signals to Evaluate When Testing the Value of Your Brand

Here are five ways to improve it. Brands are people first. Customers are people too, so customers tend to take their relationship with a brand personally. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that people praise their favorite smartphone brand, cringe over the thought of their cable company or even hate the mention of a particular bank. […]

3 Tactics To Grow Conversion Rates

As marketers, we often focus on producing more content to drive traffic, but if you aren’t executing these 3 conversion strategies first, then your traffic could fall flat. Conversion rate optimization can sometimes feel unnatural for busy marketers because it requires us to pause and improve what currently exists rather than race towards the always moving finish […]

Content Marketing Trends 2018, 50% Less Effective

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash If you’re sticking with your content approach from three years ago, it’s now 50% less effective. Our review of 100 million articles published in 2017 found that social sharing has halved since 2015. Independent studies have also found a reduction in referrals from Facebook following various newsfeed changes. However, while some sites […]

Case Study: Designing a Chatbot for a Design Studio — Part 1

Why a Chatbot? As we all know, conversational UI has started taking the place of most of the websites for last 2 years. Businesses have started integrating the chatbots into their business accounts as well as some of those have gone forward to integrate them on their websites too. Chatbots are one of the most […]

How to Build Brand Loyalty on Instagram

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash Authentic interactions on Instagram (and other social media channels) build trust and contribute to long-term loyalty. Personal messages, frequent interactions, and a word-of-mouth engine can all strengthen your customer relationships over time. If you communicate well, Instagram can be the key to building a thriving customer network — starting with one person […]

How to name your company

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash Don’t be literal. Think about feelings. Tag lines are useless. To create an effective brand in the startup age, you sometimes have to challenge established rules of corporate marketing. That was the key takeaway from a talk given by Emily Heyward and Jonah Fay-Hurvitz, two strategists at the Brooklyn-based agency Red Antler, at the 99U Conference last […]

What Aristotle Can Teach You About Marketing

Photo by Kyler Boone on Unsplash Thousands of years ago, a guy named Aristotle had lots of ideas about everything from religion and ethics to medicine and science.He also happened to be a very persuasive speaker — so persuasive that his teachings still shape the way we think about the world today.But what does this all have to do […]

Savvy Startups Are Investing in Brand Image First And You Should Too

Product used to be king, but in today’s fast-moving, copycat-filled world of business, a strong identity can be the key to success. Think about established brands like Nike, JetBlue and Apple. Yes, they all have great products. But their lasting success derives from their commitment to a corporate purpose that guides their market-­facing activities. From the […]

The 4 Things Consumers Expect From Brands in the Now Economy

4 min read Marketers must work harder than ever to cut through the daily noise that plagues consumers. Only those who successfully build consumer connections through relevant messaging across the channels will retain a loyal audience. Source: The 4 Things Consumers Expect From Brands in the Now Economy

The End of Mass Marketing: Go Small, or Go Home

Photo by Katy Belcher on Unsplash Today, people demand, and can receive, niche brands and products that are intensely relevant to their distinct personal, cultural and situational requirements, products that stimulate a clear emotional response or solve a personal need. By definition, these niches are unique, authentic and passionate, and consumers will pay a higher price for products […]

10 Marketing Rules the Best Entrepreneurs Live and Die By

Tactics evolve, but the immutable principles remain unchanged. Marketing strategy always changes as technology evolves. But the underlying principles remain steadfast, grounded in consumer psychology. These 10 entrepreneurs share their No. 1 unchanging marketing rule. Source: 10 Marketing Rules the Best Entrepreneurs Live and Die By | SUCCESS

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