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Newsletter Cheat Sheet: How To Get Them Opened And Read

People sign up for email newsletters with no more thought than ordering a coffee at Starbucks. Then these unopened editions pile up in the inbox until the recipient gets fed up and unsubscribes from every one of them. How do beleaguered newsletter editors avoid having their work tossed into that pile? More importantly, how do […]

Simple, Successful Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs on a Budget

I’ve picked up some marketing strategies that are more about the effort and less about the money to help other entrepreneurs. Find out what they are. Source: Simple, Successful Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs on a Budget – AlleyWatch

How the Instagram Algorithm Works and What You Can Do About It

7 min read Instagram wants to show you content that delights you because delightful content will keep your attention on the app for longer and increase the likelihood of you coming back to the app more often. Your attention is what they sell to advertisers to make money, so every single part of the app […]

A Quick Guide to IGTV [Infographic]

Photo by Kilyan Sockalingum on Unsplash If you are looking into it, this new infographic from milkwhale will help – they’ve broken down all the key IGTV elements, including what it is, how to use it and what you should consider uploading to the platform. Source: A Quick Guide to IGTV [Infographic] | Social Media Today

6 Instagram Apps To Grow Your Following

Growing on any social platform is always difficult, social media is a competitive landscape where everyone is battling for attention. For you to have any chance of gaining traction, you need to find new ways to stand out in this noisy landscape. Some of the best ways to do this is one be creative with […]

3 Best Selling Systems for Generating Leads & Customers on Facebook

The good news is, the vast majority of businesses advertising on Facebook fall into one or more of the three following Business Categories . . . Ecommerce and physical products Digital and information products (including software-as-a-service companies) Retail, local and service businesses These three different Business Categories are very different in terms of what they offer, […]

Why Getting As Specific As Possible in Your Marketing Strategy Will Attract Top-Tier Customers

Photo by Dmitry Nucky Thompson on Unsplash After some experimentation, Mackensen explains, SnackNation switched up its marketing strategy to go back to a basic rule: Target a niche audience over an all-encompassing audience. The team wittled down their target demographic as office managers — for whom the company could buy specific ads on LinkedIn. To this effect, the team works to […]

How To Engage Your Facebook Live Audience

Here is how Facebook Marketing for Dummies author John Haydon engages with his audience through Facebook Live, with tips for how you can use this powerful tool effectively. Source: How To Engage Your Facebook Live Audience | Forbes.com

‘Social has gotten more difficult’: Marketers mull the pitfalls of content marketing

Photo by Sandrachile . on Unsplash Marketers gathered at the Digiday Content Marketing Summit in Vail, Colorado, this week to discuss content marketing. Between sessions discussing ROI, video and the rise of performance storytelling, they met in town hall sessions and working groups. Held under the Chatham House Rule, these discussions were on the record, but not attributable, […]

15 Steps to Building Your Online Tribe

Social media is just like real life: you need friends and family to support you while you follow your dreams. You need to build that special trust that at first brings people to follow you and consider you their “go to” person. Consequently, when that trust cements itself, these same people will resonate so strongly […]

What Peter Thiel taught Stanford University students about startup success

Photo by Charles Koh on Unsplash For a company to own its market, it must have some combination of brand, scale cost advantages, network effects, or proprietary technology. Of these elements, brand is probably the hardest to pin down. One way to think about brand is as a classic code word for monopoly. But getting more specific than […]

6 Offers to Attract More Business on Facebook

We’ve identified six proven Facebook offers that have worked across the board in multiple industries for our agency clients. Before I get into these respectively, I want to mention that they’re listed in reverse order of commitment. This means that No. one takes the least commitment while No. six takes the most. Source: 6 Offers […]