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How To WIN In Sales And Business – Gary Vaynerchuk | Motivational Speech – YouTube

[VIDEO] Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how to win in sales and business through the power of social media and marketing in the year we live in. Source: Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

You Don’t Use it, You Lose it! – Grant Cardone – YouTube

[VIDEO] Take a look at a 10X Business Boot Camp sales training role play session. This is the kind of dynamic, real-life hands-on training that participants get. Improve your training. Improve your skills. Improve your knowledge. Get trained. Use it so you don’t lose it. Source: Photo by Dahan Remy on Unsplash

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures shares what he looks for in Entrepreneurs – YouTube

[VIDEO] Now let’s talk about entrepreneurs. You’ve funded a lot. “I’ve been in the business since the mid 80s, yes, a lot.” 30 years as a VC. What is the DNA, when you see in their eyes of entrepreneurs, and say, ‘they’ve got it or they don’t’… “I think you want somebody that’s a real […]

Your Life is Better with Money- Grant Cardone – YouTube

You got to get addicted to something good. All addictions are not created equal. Okay? I’m addicted to my wife. I’m addicted to my kids. I’m addicted to my purpose. I’m addicted to helping out. I’m addicted to making a difference. I’m addicted to doing whatever it takes to show and be an example of […]


8 HABITS THAT STUNT YOUR SUCCESS // Today’s video covers 8 habits that are derailing your success, and how to transform them so you can THRIVE. If we don’t acknowledge our BAD habits, how are we EVER going to change them and create GOOD habits in their place? Cuz we all know that the good […]

I Have to Think About It – YouTube

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash Crush objections. Find out the real reason you can’t close the deal. If you’re not satisfied with the status quo. If you want to kill the competition. If you’re ready to grow your business at massive levels, take three days and spend time with an exclusive group of business people. Grant Cardone will […]

Mel Robbins: I’m afraid to embarrass myself – YouTube

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash The fear of judgment, failure, and falling flat on your face in front of other people is something we all struggle with at some point in our lives. It’s especially common when you’re young and inexperienced, and unsure of what the results of your decisions will be. This is completely normal. Letting […]

A Public Service Announcement to People Living a Fake Life – YouTube

If you’re trying to find out how to be happier, you can’t continue to live in fake environments that cause you to predicate your happiness on someone else’s life. Source: Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Reveals Why You Should Rethink What It Means to Be a Great Mentor by Entrepreneur

Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash [PODCAST] The serial entrepreneur’s next act is helping new entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. He reveals the advice he won’t be giving them. Source:

Who Should You Hire for Scaling a Business? – YouTube

[VIDEO] Q: What is a practical way to scale a creative firm? Scaling your company can make or break you. You need to make sure that the people you are hiring are good at their job, especially early on. Have the self-awareness to separate what you currently need to do, and what you are actually […]

How to Create Engaging and Relevant Content for Social Media in most Effective Way? – YouTube

Peter Voogd dives deep into what it takes to create relevant and engaging content in 2018. He talks about. He also talks about the biggest mistakes he sees as well as the most proven marketing tactics. This is a MUST watch and is crucial if you want to build a thriving brand that rises above the […]

Study One Mentor – Grant Cardone – YouTube

Don’t be an open mind, be slightly open with a gate. Quit taking information from anyone. Treat information like it can have a viral disease. Be selective and study one mentor. Source: Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash

How to Build an Audience (Even if You’re a Nobody) – YouTube

[VIDEO] Today, I’m gonna share with you how to build an audience when you’re a nobody. The first tip I have for you comes from Kevin Kelly. It’s called 1000 True Fans. Typically, whatever product or service you’re offering, or whatever niche you’re in, there’s probably a really active community of those people. The true […]

Building a Business for Yourself Is an Ambitious Goal | Dailyvee 469 in Singapore – YouTube

[VIDEO] Look, a lot of you seem to misunderstand that when building a business, you can’t take all of the margins and put them in your pocket while simultaneously expecting the business to grow and scale. You’re either feeding yourself or you’re feeding your business. Source: Photo by Ben O’Sullivan on Unsplash

How He Got His First Customers – YouTube

Deepak Balakrishna has 20 years of experience in product and marketing roles at storage, application and networking companies. He has served in leadership positions at Druva, Riverbed, Sun, AOL and at Netscape where he launched several products. Deepak has an MBA from UC, Berkeley and an MS in Computer Science from Cornell University. Source: Photo […]

Unsure About What You Should Do After School ? – YouTube

Q: What is the advice I have for students who are unsure about what they want to do after school? Graduation is a landmark moment in a student’s life. It can also be a time of stress and confusion as many students try to figure out the best path for them. The answer is you […]

5 Reasons People Stop Dreaming – YouTube

[VIDEO] Why do people stop dreaming? Here are five reasons you haven’t heard of as explained by successful entrepreneur and CEO Patrick Bet-David. Source: Photo by The Roaming Platypus on Unsplash  

If You Ignore This 2018 Marketing Strategy You Already Lost | NAC Keynote 2018 – YouTube

[VIDEO] The current state of the internet and social media is by far the biggest marketing opportunity of this era. Social media marketing is the epitome of underpriced attention, especially when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads. Please, please execute on this amazing opportunity that is in front of you. So many of you […]

Don’t Chase Money, Chase Your Purpose, The Money Will Follow – KERWIN RAE – YouTube

Don’t Focus On Money, Chase Your Purpose, The Money Will Follow – KERWIN RAE Follow your purpose, add more value than anyone else and the money WILL follow you. Source: Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash

How Russ Built His Brand – YouTube

[VIDEO] ►Q: What was your strategy for growing your following? The important thing to remember when trying to gain a following is to be consistent. You’re probably not going to reach one million followers after your first or even second piece of content, but in order to get to the 90th piece of content that […]

Growth Hacks for New Service Website (That Don’t Cost a Fortune) – YouTube

[VIDEO] Bunty is asking, how do I growth hack a new company with very little money in a service based business? The reason I’m going to specify the function for this video is service-based businesses is entirely a bit different. It doesn’t matter if it’s service for B to B or B to C, but […]

When Keeping Up With the Joneses Goes Wrong | DailyVee 470 in Manila – YouTube

[VIDEO] If you’re living your life “keeping up with the Joneses”, you’re losing. I don’t know who the Joneses are, but the idea of spending your time worrying about what someone else has or is doing is ridiculous. Focus on you, other people have nothing to do with you. Source: Photo by Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

What My Mentor Taught Me About Money – YouTube

[VIDEO] I’m writing my new book on what they should have taught us in school. Here’s an excerpt. Source: Photo by Kat Yukawa on Unsplash

Why People Dont Buy From You – Grant Cardone – YouTube

Here’s three reasons: 1. Lack of time 2. Personal issues 3. Concern about cost/money Their issues are your issues. Conquer your own money problems, money fears and money insecurities and you’ll conquer your customers. Source: Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

MeUndies — Maybe the most comfortable underwear in the world – YouTube

[VIDEO] MeUndies brand of underwear has a mission to be the most comfortable undergarments on the planet. But they also care about their employees, partners and want to make the world a better place. Source: Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

When Luck Meets Preparation: Chalk CEO William Zhou on Making it Through Tough Times in His Startup – YouTube

“Things were not going well.” These are words often spoken by early-stage entrepreneurs, but with a mix of preparation and luck, Chalk pulled through into a successful startup. William Zhou is the CEO of Chalk, a K-12 education software company that utilizes data to help schools. Source: Photo by Rae Tian on Unsplash