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How A Midlife Crisis Led to Entrepreneurship – YouTube

[VIDEO] Ambras brewery in Noduwez, Belgium was created by Philippe Millet, who has perfected and crafted only one blonde beer of 6.5% ABV. Source: Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

Your Life is Better with Money- Grant Cardone – YouTube

You got to get addicted to something good. All addictions are not created equal. Okay? I’m addicted to my wife. I’m addicted to my kids. I’m addicted to my purpose. I’m addicted to helping out. I’m addicted to making a difference. I’m addicted to doing whatever it takes to show and be an example of […]

Opportunity and Potential – Grant Cardone – YouTube

This weekend I went to Nashville, TN to speak to over 5,000 entrepreneurs about the potential they have within them that has been forgotten, misplaced, or skeptisized. this is a must watch if you know you are capable of more. Source: Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

Successful Mindset, Get Into Your Own Head | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original – YouTube

If you want to have a successful mindset and the winner’s mentality in general, you NEED to get in your own head. You can’t make all of your decisions completely predicated on what someone else thinks about you. You are letting your mom, your uncle, your best friend, or your neighbor hold you back right […]

7 pieces of advice for a successful career (and life) from Jack Ma – YouTube

Don’t know what you want to do in life? Jack Ma did not know his calling either. He did not anticipate becoming either a teacher or an entrepreneur. He said that you should always aim to be the first – the first to solve challenges because with challenges lie unforeseen opportunities. Another takeaway was to […]

How To Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout Using These Four Tools – YouTube

Juggling too many balls in the air with no simple way to deal with burnout? In this video, I’m going to share a transformational strategy to help you recover from overwhelm in your work or life. Source: Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

What Should Aspiring Entrepreneurs Spend Time On – YouTube

Q: Have you had a defining moment when you knew what you needed to do?Life is never going to go 100% as planned. There are going to be speed bumps and crossroads that you are going to need to overcome. When you are hit with a curveball, you need to take step back and remind […]

Where Passion and Entrepreneurship Meet: Kyle Bartell and Timm Martin

[PODCAST] Founded in 2012 with business partner Charles Molnar, Sit On It Detroit is a social enterprise that provides reclaimed wood benches at bus stops around the city. A for-profit entity doing social good, Sit On It Detroit’s mission is to create a better quality of life for transit riders with free literature and a place […]

Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures shares what he looks for in Entrepreneurs – YouTube

[VIDEO] Now let’s talk about entrepreneurs. You’ve funded a lot. “I’ve been in the business since the mid 80s, yes, a lot.” 30 years as a VC. What is the DNA, when you see in their eyes of entrepreneurs, and say, ‘they’ve got it or they don’t’… “I think you want somebody that’s a real […]

Never Give Up On Your Dreams – Grant Cardone – YouTube

Photo by mauro paillex on Unsplash [VIDEO] How many of you have felt like giving up at some point? Here’s the key: can you take a bad day and turn it into a great day? You gotta hang in there and flip it! How can you turn a failure into a big success? How do you turn disappointment […]

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Reveals Why You Should Rethink What It Means to Be a Great Mentor by Entrepreneur

Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash [PODCAST] The serial entrepreneur’s next act is helping new entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. He reveals the advice he won’t be giving them. Source:

I’m Scared To Start My Dream – YouTube

Photo by Jose A.Thompson on Unsplash [VIDEO] People say, “Brendan, I’m scared to start my dream.” I’m like, “You’re not scared to start your dream. You’re embarrassed to be seen starting small.” Big difference. It’s not about the dream that’s freaking you out. It’s about how you’re gonna feel chasing the dream. It’s how you’re gonna be perceived […]

The Super Tip for Success – YouTube

Photo by Matthew LeJune on Unsplash [VIDEO] Commitment is important. But there is something more important than commitment. The one thing that got me to where I am today. Me just taking action. Just doing it. Show up. Take action. Make the call. Send the email. Do. It. Source:

How to Follow Your Intuition – YouTube

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash [VIDEO] We have to make so many decisions throughout the day, some small and trivial, and some life changing in nature. Here are five tips from Jack Canfield on how to make your intuition speak louder, so you can more easily understand what it’s telling you – and make the choices that […]

How To Access Flow State | Weekly Wisdom Se. 2 Ep. 7 – YouTube

[VIDEO] So I have a question for you. Which one do you experience more often when dealing with the new task, boredom or stress? There’s a unique reason why when you’re faced with a new challenge or a new task or a new project that you experience boredom or stress and I’m going to help […]

Business Secrets of The Top 1% – How to Position Yourself As The Leading Authority – YouTube

[VIDEO] To anybody wanting to build a brand and reach the top 1% this is a MUST WATCH. Thanks for watching and make sure you’ve subscribed for new content every week! Source: Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

5 Reasons People Stop Dreaming – YouTube

[VIDEO] Why do people stop dreaming? Here are five reasons you haven’t heard of as explained by successful entrepreneur and CEO Patrick Bet-David. Source: Photo by The Roaming Platypus on Unsplash  

Founder Scratches His Own Itch By Creating a Smart Home Fitness System – YouTube

Founder Aly Orady discusses how he created a smart home fitness system rooted from his own issue with weight management challenges. Most successful founders create a solution to a problem they themselves have. Watch and listen! Source: Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash  

Nothing Great Should Be Easy – Another Day in NYC as CEO | DailyVee 474 – YouTube

[VIDEO] Nothing great should be easy. Even though I’m the CEO of VaynerMedia, I operate like a COO because I’m constantly in it. I’m in the dirt.. and I’m trying to get even more in it. Clouds and dirt baby. Clouds and dirt. Source: Photo by Stéphan Valentin on Unsplash  

(The One Video That Will Help You Figure Out Your Life | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original – YouTube

[VIDEO] I really hope that this video is the video that motivates you and helps you understand that you have so much time. My greatest advice to an 18 year old, 22 year old, or 30 year old, is that you don’t need to have your life figured out because you’re only a fraction of […]