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Study One Mentor – Grant Cardone – YouTube

Don’t be an open mind, be slightly open with a gate. Quit taking information from anyone. Treat information like it can have a viral disease. Be selective and study one mentor. Source: Photo by Greyson Joralemon on Unsplash

Unsure About What You Should Do After School ? – YouTube

Q: What is the advice I have for students who are unsure about what they want to do after school? Graduation is a landmark moment in a student’s life. It can also be a time of stress and confusion as many students try to figure out the best path for them. The answer is you […]

5 Reasons People Stop Dreaming – YouTube

[VIDEO] Why do people stop dreaming? Here are five reasons you haven’t heard of as explained by successful entrepreneur and CEO Patrick Bet-David. Source: Photo by The Roaming Platypus on Unsplash  

Don’t Chase Money, Chase Your Purpose, The Money Will Follow – KERWIN RAE – YouTube

Don’t Focus On Money, Chase Your Purpose, The Money Will Follow – KERWIN RAE Follow your purpose, add more value than anyone else and the money WILL follow you. Source: Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash

When Keeping Up With the Joneses Goes Wrong | DailyVee 470 in Manila – YouTube

[VIDEO] If you’re living your life “keeping up with the Joneses”, you’re losing. I don’t know who the Joneses are, but the idea of spending your time worrying about what someone else has or is doing is ridiculous. Focus on you, other people have nothing to do with you. Source: Photo by Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

MeUndies — Maybe the most comfortable underwear in the world – YouTube

[VIDEO] MeUndies brand of underwear has a mission to be the most comfortable undergarments on the planet. But they also care about their employees, partners and want to make the world a better place. Source: Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

When Luck Meets Preparation: Chalk CEO William Zhou on Making it Through Tough Times in His Startup – YouTube

“Things were not going well.” These are words often spoken by early-stage entrepreneurs, but with a mix of preparation and luck, Chalk pulled through into a successful startup. William Zhou is the CEO of Chalk, a K-12 education software company that utilizes data to help schools. Source: Photo by Rae Tian on Unsplash

The CEO of a $200 Million Dollar Company Goes Garage Sailing

This is how ANYONE watching this video can make an extra $100 – $1,000 on the weekends… Whether it’s garage sails, or craigslist free, or eBay, if you just spend your Saturdays and Sundays taking the time to do this, you can CRUSH 2019.I hope you guys enjoyed the first episode of Trash Talk – […]

What Happens When You See Regret in Someone’s Eyes – YouTube

Regret is the ultimate poison. If you are thinking about taking the leap and doing whatever it is that you love, you need to just go for it. You will always regret the things that you don’t do. Source: Photo by Sarah Diniz Outeiro on Unsplash


[VIDEO] FINDING YOUR TRIBE (5 STEPS TO ATTRACT & ELEVATE) // Do you attract people who are inspiring, motivated, and going after their dreams? In today’s video I’m sharing 5 solid ways to attract your tribe. They’ll challenge you, and you’ll love it! If you’re gonna be a boss, you gotta keep your tribe tight. […]

A Note to My 50 Year Old Self | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original – YouTube

Please.. Please do not look at your life at 40 – 60 and think that now is the time to settle down and retire.. Of all times, now is probably the most practical time to start that business that you’ve always wanted to start; the kids are probably out of the house (or close) and […]

Fred Wilson: 10 Ways to Be Your Own Boss – YouTube

There’s more than one “right” way to be an entrepreneur. In this talk, leading-edge venture capitalist Fred Wilson breaks down 10 alternative approaches to running your own business. According to Fred, “You don’t have to be Twitter or Foursquare to be your own boss and do what you’re passionate about.” Source: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

How A Midlife Crisis Led to Entrepreneurship – YouTube

[VIDEO] Ambras brewery in Noduwez, Belgium was created by Philippe Millet, who has perfected and crafted only one blonde beer of 6.5% ABV. Source: Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

Opportunity and Potential – Grant Cardone – YouTube

This weekend I went to Nashville, TN to speak to over 5,000 entrepreneurs about the potential they have within them that has been forgotten, misplaced, or skeptisized. this is a must watch if you know you are capable of more. Source: Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

Successful Mindset, Get Into Your Own Head | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original – YouTube

If you want to have a successful mindset and the winner’s mentality in general, you NEED to get in your own head. You can’t make all of your decisions completely predicated on what someone else thinks about you. You are letting your mom, your uncle, your best friend, or your neighbor hold you back right […]

7 pieces of advice for a successful career (and life) from Jack Ma – YouTube

Don’t know what you want to do in life? Jack Ma did not know his calling either. He did not anticipate becoming either a teacher or an entrepreneur. He said that you should always aim to be the first – the first to solve challenges because with challenges lie unforeseen opportunities. Another takeaway was to […]

How To Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout Using These Four Tools – YouTube

Juggling too many balls in the air with no simple way to deal with burnout? In this video, I’m going to share a transformational strategy to help you recover from overwhelm in your work or life. Source: Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash

What Should Aspiring Entrepreneurs Spend Time On – YouTube

Q: Have you had a defining moment when you knew what you needed to do?Life is never going to go 100% as planned. There are going to be speed bumps and crossroads that you are going to need to overcome. When you are hit with a curveball, you need to take step back and remind […]

Where Passion and Entrepreneurship Meet: Kyle Bartell and Timm Martin

[PODCAST] Founded in 2012 with business partner Charles Molnar, Sit On It Detroit is a social enterprise that provides reclaimed wood benches at bus stops around the city. A for-profit entity doing social good, Sit On It Detroit’s mission is to create a better quality of life for transit riders with free literature and a place […]

Never Give Up On Your Dreams – Grant Cardone – YouTube

Photo by mauro paillex on Unsplash [VIDEO] How many of you have felt like giving up at some point? Here’s the key: can you take a bad day and turn it into a great day? You gotta hang in there and flip it! How can you turn a failure into a big success? How do you turn disappointment […]

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