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Turning Side Projects into Profitable Startups – YouTube

[VIDEO] The popular narrative of startups is outdated. You don’t need venture capital to build a startup in 2018. You do need a DIY attitude, a lot of persistence and become a generalist who can learn new skills like coding, design and marketing quickly. This way of building a startup is called bootstrapping and it’s […]

The Scaling Credo for Bootstrapped Startup Founders | Dan Martell – YouTube

[VIDEO] How did Clay Collins build into a huge B2B SaaS/Software company so fast? He used these 5 commitments to scale. The best part is he did it without knowing how to code and without tonnes of funding (that all came later). This a story of bootstrapping your software startup without all the resources […]

How Typeform Scaled to $19M in ARR and 40k Customers – YouTube

David Okuniev was born in Belgium and later educated in England, David Okuniev started his professional career as a musician. Expression through music soon turned to expression through product and brand design, which led to David founding the Barcelona-based design studio, Fat-Man-Collective. From working in the same co-working space, David later met Robert Muñoz, and […]

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