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The Scaling Credo for Bootstrapped Startup Founders | Dan Martell – YouTube

[VIDEO] How did Clay Collins build into a huge B2B SaaS/Software company so fast? He used these 5 commitments to scale. The best part is he did it without knowing how to code and without tonnes of funding (that all came later). This a story of bootstrapping your software startup without all the resources […]

Who Should You Hire for Scaling a Business? – YouTube

[VIDEO] Q: What is a practical way to scale a creative firm? Scaling your company can make or break you. You need to make sure that the people you are hiring are good at their job, especially early on. Have the self-awareness to separate what you currently need to do, and what you are actually […]

How Typeform Scaled to $19M in ARR and 40k Customers – YouTube

David Okuniev was born in Belgium and later educated in England, David Okuniev started his professional career as a musician. Expression through music soon turned to expression through product and brand design, which led to David founding the Barcelona-based design studio, Fat-Man-Collective. From working in the same co-working space, David later met Robert Muñoz, and […]