Why Most Stealth Mode Startups Fail

Photo by Lasaye Hommes on Unsplash

Why most stealth mode startups fail. The chances are, no matter how good you are, your idea has been thought up by a hundred other people. It’s not that unique. Google was the 27th search engine. Facebook was nowhere near the first social network. Grant Cardonne was not the first guy to come up with the idea of selling shitty courses that nobody needs by dressing like an idiot on a fucking yacht. Ideas come and go.

Trying to protect your idea because you think you’re a special wizard of magical thinking isn’t going to make it any better, and believing that you’re a genius for coming up with it is a sure-fire way to get so wrapped up in your own hubris that you can’t see the flaws in your concept.

Source: Why Most “Stealth Mode” Startups Fail – Jon Westenberg 🌈 – Medium