How to Avoid Failure on the Startup Roller Coaster

Self-service may be the answer to scale your online business. Come join Matt Munson, Twenty20 Founder and CEO, as he gives an inside scoop into his inspirational business story.


How to Define The Ideal Customer Profile For Your B2B SaaS Company

Want to focus on the customers that are excited, ready, and willing to buy your solution? In this video, I’m going to share how to define your ideal customer profile (ICP) for your B2B SaaS business.


Leveling Up in Life and Business

In this episode, I talk with Steve Sheetz, Rabiah Sutton, and Dylan Leazier on the “new” stage of family businesses, how to listen to customer feedback, and more.Really fascinating conversation here, can’t wait to hear what you think! Remember, you comments are my OXYGEN!!


The Human Pursuit of Happiness | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original – YouTube

“My friends, please try to start the process of understanding happiness, understanding why you feel the way you do, what makes you insecure and want a fancy car or house, why when you go through your feed you feel #fomo please understand that doing things you love will lead to the things you want even when they don’t pay you what you THINK you need to get what you THINK you want. Share this with someone you want happiness for.”


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Always Over Deliver – Grant Cardone – YouTube

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

Make a decision. And keep remaking that decision to constantly learn and change. The goal isn’t too far, too big or too out of sight. You have to work to the next level that will get you further down the road to your goals. Always over deliver on what you do and you’ll get that much more in return.


Founder Scratches His Own Itch By Creating a Smart Home Fitness System – YouTube

Founder Aly Orady discusses how he created a smart home fitness system rooted from his own issue with weight management challenges. Most successful founders create a solution to a problem they themselves have. Watch and listen!


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Heather Serden – How to Launch a Business – YouTube

Heather Serden, Founder of Above the Glass, provides tips on launching a business and encourages entrepreneurs to begin by figuring out how they’re going to make money, how much it’s going to cost, and how they’re going to finance the whole operation.


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Launching A Laptop Lifestyle Brand Today – YouTube

[VIDEO] Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur, discusses her take on starting a personal travel brand today.


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How To WIN In Sales And Business – Gary Vaynerchuk | Motivational Speech – YouTube

[VIDEO] Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how to win in sales and business through the power of social media and marketing in the year we live in.


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You Don’t Use it, You Lose it! – Grant Cardone – YouTube

[VIDEO] Take a look at a 10X Business Boot Camp sales training role play session. This is the kind of dynamic, real-life hands-on training that participants get. Improve your training. Improve your skills. Improve your knowledge. Get trained. Use it so you don’t lose it.


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