Heather Serden – How to Launch a Business – YouTube

Heather Serden, Founder of Above the Glass, provides tips on launching a business and encourages entrepreneurs to begin by figuring out how they’re going to make money, how much it’s going to cost, and how they’re going to finance the whole operation.


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Building a Business for Yourself Is an Ambitious Goal | Dailyvee 469 in Singapore – YouTube

[VIDEO] Look, a lot of you seem to misunderstand that when building a business, you can’t take all of the margins and put them in your pocket while simultaneously expecting the business to grow and scale. You’re either feeding yourself or you’re feeding your business.


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What My Mentor Taught Me About Money – YouTube

[VIDEO] I’m writing my new book on what they should have taught us in school. Here’s an excerpt.


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Fundraising Advice from Female Founders – YouTube

[VIDEO] During our Seattle Female Founders Conference Kristen Hamilton (Koru), Beth Kolko (Shift Labs) and Amy Nelson (The Riveter) spoke with YC CFO and Partner Kirsty Nathoo about their fundraising experiences.


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Gregg Weisstein – Money and Startups – YouTube

[VIDEO] Gregg Weisstein, CFO of Bloomnation, discusses how a startup’s finances relate to the growth of the company and how to find a balance between ‘the numbers’ and ‘the vision.’


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Female Founder Startup Fundraising Tips 4 Apps | Josh Bois – YouTube

[VIDEO] Fireside Power Hour with Brie Thomas, Founder, Girl Power Fitness, sharing female founder startup fundraising tips for apps.


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Why 90% of Silicon Valley Startups Fail – YouTube

Q: I was in the middle of raising my second round in Silicon Valley when my wife called and told me she was leaving me. I went back to Finland, lost my wife, and didn’t raise the second round, so I was homeless for 5 months. Should I just let the first startup fail or should I try again?

You really need to self-audit the state your company is in. Forget about the multi-million dollar startups we all here about and see your business for what it is today. Don’t try to raise millions of dollars if your company is not at a point where that is feasible to do.


Grant’s Financial Plan for Jarrod – YouTube

[VIDEO] The same financial plan I made for Jarrod can work for you, just follow the steps I outline in this video. Don’t just shoot for $1 million, go for $10 million as a minimum. This is the financial plan you actually need in 2018. Don’t listen to outdated baby boomer advice on buying homes, 401K’s, and gambling in the stock market.


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