How to Avoid Failure on the Startup Roller Coaster

Self-service may be the answer to scale your online business. Come join Matt Munson, Twenty20 Founder and CEO, as he gives an inside scoop into his inspirational business story.


Leveling Up in Life and Business

In this episode, I talk with Steve Sheetz, Rabiah Sutton, and Dylan Leazier on the “new” stage of family businesses, how to listen to customer feedback, and more.Really fascinating conversation here, can’t wait to hear what you think! Remember, you comments are my OXYGEN!!


The Human Pursuit of Happiness | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original – YouTube

“My friends, please try to start the process of understanding happiness, understanding why you feel the way you do, what makes you insecure and want a fancy car or house, why when you go through your feed you feel #fomo please understand that doing things you love will lead to the things you want even when they don’t pay you what you THINK you need to get what you THINK you want. Share this with someone you want happiness for.”


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Founder Scratches His Own Itch By Creating a Smart Home Fitness System – YouTube

Founder Aly Orady discusses how he created a smart home fitness system rooted from his own issue with weight management challenges. Most successful founders create a solution to a problem they themselves have. Watch and listen!


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Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures shares what he looks for in Entrepreneurs – YouTube

[VIDEO] Now let’s talk about entrepreneurs. You’ve funded a lot. “I’ve been in the business since the mid 80s, yes, a lot.” 30 years as a VC. What is the DNA, when you see in their eyes of entrepreneurs, and say, ‘they’ve got it or they don’t’… “I think you want somebody that’s a real product person who knows how to do the product, fix the product, mend the product… someone very adept at the product side, they don’t have to technical, but they are a product person”…


Your Life is Better with Money- Grant Cardone – YouTube

You got to get addicted to something good. All addictions are not created equal. Okay? I’m addicted to my wife. I’m addicted to my kids. I’m addicted to my purpose. I’m addicted to helping out. I’m addicted to making a difference. I’m addicted to doing whatever it takes to show and be an example of the blessings that I have. You need to get so much success that other people are envious of you. Other people hate you for it. Other people criticize you for it. Other people judge you because of your success. Your success needs to become real. You need to be the example. Be willing to confront people!



8 HABITS THAT STUNT YOUR SUCCESS // Today’s video covers 8 habits that are derailing your success, and how to transform them so you can THRIVE. If we don’t acknowledge our BAD habits, how are we EVER going to change them and create GOOD habits in their place? Cuz we all know that the good habits we build are the ones that are going to lead us down that shining path to our dream biz.


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A Public Service Announcement to People Living a Fake Life – YouTube

If you’re trying to find out how to be happier, you can’t continue to live in fake environments that cause you to predicate your happiness on someone else’s life.


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Study One Mentor – Grant Cardone – YouTube

Don’t be an open mind, be slightly open with a gate. Quit taking information from anyone. Treat information like it can have a viral disease. Be selective and study one mentor.


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Unsure About What You Should Do After School ? – YouTube

Q: What is the advice I have for students who are unsure about what they want to do after school?

Graduation is a landmark moment in a student’s life. It can also be a time of stress and confusion as many students try to figure out the best path for them. The answer is you won’t have the answer until you start putting yourself out there and having different experiences. You may have an idea of what you like and what you are interested in, but until you start working and having different experiences you will not truly have a grasp on your strengths and weaknesses. So take the next few years after graduation to test different waters and find your sweet spot. It may not happen the first month or even year, but you will find your calling.


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